Previously people in a taxi were looking forward to get on a plane – and not on the plane longing for the taxi.

Remember what flying used to be like? The second you boarded a plane, you entered a world of comfort, hospitality and sophistication – an experience that truly made getting there half the fun. Meet SkyMax, a company committed to bringing air travel the best that innovation has to offer. With products like SHATLER’s stunning cocktail collection, serving first-class long drinks has never been easier. Passengers can take a virtual stroll to the bar car and delight in an extensive variety of elegantly mixed drinks, a service that has been altogether absent in economy seating until now. These ready-to-serve cocktails eliminate the need for bartending expertise and make alcoholic beverages easier to budget.

Indeed, SkyMax is specialized in products that revolutionize what modern flying is all about. Sky-Tender is a case in point. Fully-automated, Sky-Tender is a futuristic-looking beverage trolley that couldn’t be easier to use. Its presentation communicates efficiency, variety and cultivation. There are over 30 different mixtures right at your fingertips, and all smoothly served. Let clanky drawers and rattling cans be a thing of the past, as Sky-Tender is redefining what airline beverage service is all about.

Needless to say, ready-to-serve cocktails and full-service beverage trolleys are only the tip of the iceberg. We invite you to explore our website and acquaint yourself with an array of unprecedented products in air travel. SkyMax – taking innovation to new heights.